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I'm Ellen, and after two years of growing part time I took a leap of faith in 2022 and started flower farming and floristry full time. It has been the best decision of my life; flowers and floral design fill me with so much passion. There is no better feeling than watching people's faces light up when they receive a bouquet made from flowers I have nurtured from seed to bloom. Sustainability is at the centre of my business with all my flowers grown organically, in harmony with wildlife. My rare breed Welsh Harlequin ducks provide natural pest control, keeping the slugs away and the fertiliser for my flowers is produced by my family's flock of native Black Welsh Mountain sheep. 



 I have realised the incredible impact flowers can have on people

. Every bloom tells a story from a twist in its stem where it has reached for the sunlight to its mottled leaves where the weather has touched it. Each bouquet has the ability to conjure up a feeling or an atmosphere, capturing a moment in time. 

As a flower farmer and florist I get the opportunity to be the story teller, nurturing flowers from tiny seeds into beautiful blooms. It is a process that fills me with the most overwhelming sense of joy and achievement.



I am passionate about providing local grown flowers to local people. I love showing people that British flowers can be beautiful, demonstrating that it is possible to grow flowers organically, in harmony with the wildlife that surrounds us in North Wales. 

All my flowers are homegrown, nurtured from seed to bloom by me. This means I am able to include more diversity in wedding design and gift bouquets, as the  flowers I use don't have to be robust enough to survive a plane journey unlike the flowers in most supermarkets/florists. Being able to grow and use such a variety of flowers gives my designs a whimsical, wildflower feel, while reflecting the seasons. From bright, cheerful spring flowers too warm, rusty tones in autumn, bringing the feeling of each season into peoples homes and hearts. 

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